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Are you facing legal challenges in Newmarket, Ontario? Do you need a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights and fight for your freedom? Look no further. At Kahlon Law, we are dedicated to providing top-notch legal services, for drug offences, fraud, theft, and more in criminal defence. Our mission is to be your unwavering advocate, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. When you choose Kahlon Law, you’re choosing excellence and a relentless commitment to justice.

I cannot express with words how grateful I am at how you handled my situation. Not only is Antar an extremely capable criminal attorney, but the comfort/peace of mind he provided with his knowledge of the Canadian Judicial system is unparalleled. His demeanour throughout my court proceedings displayed true professionalism and created a sense of comfort that allowed me to focus on what really mattered in life during these stressful past couple years. Very sharp and capable lawyer, very highly recommended.
mina ghaffari
mina ghaffari
آقای کاهلون ، وکیل بسیار ماهری است که مهارت های لازم را برای دفاع از مشتری دارند خیلی مهربان هستند، به نیاز های مشتری توجه می‌کنند، از حقوق قانونی مشتری دفاع می‌کنند. ما خیلی خیلی خوشحال هستیم که وکیل خوب و کاردانی مانند شما داشتیم شما را صد درصد به کسانیکه به یک وکیل خوب و زبردست نیازمند هستند توصیه می‌کنیم. ممنون و سپاسگزارتان هستیم،
Navdeep Baryar
Navdeep Baryar
Highly recommended!!!!! Very thorough professional. Free consulatation meant free and really informative. I appreciate him for the work that he has done and helped me achieved the positive results before mg expectations. He is definitely a great and caring attorney and I certainly do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for great help and advice.
Harleen Lubana
Harleen Lubana
Professional, competent, empathetic and efficient. Thank you for everything
harsatinder sharma
harsatinder sharma
Antar Khalon is an excellent hard working criminal defense lawyer who is very trustworthy and transparent throughout his whole process very well structured when is comes to dealing with your matter. He is very responsive and attentive always there when you need him. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help its hard to find the quality and level of service he provides I truly am thankful for all he has done for me. Thanks again Antar!
Jas Singh
Jas Singh
Antar is a brilliant lawyer. From the first call in distress to the final triumph call; he was extremely professional, forthcoming, understanding and in control of the situation. He knew exactly how to handle the case and delivered exactly what he promised. I will be forever grateful to Antar for his professional service and recommend anyone needing his professional expertise to reach out to him without a doubt. He definitely plays to win! Ace lawyer in Peel.
Khary Abraham
Khary Abraham
Outstanding experience ! Was empathetic, extremely professional, dealt with everything in a timely manner and very accommodating. Could not ask for better service.
Alantae Gill
Alantae Gill
One of the best and most efficient lawyers in the city. Mr. kahlon’s help and work ethic has been so good I have already referred him numerous times. Throughout resolving my case he kept consistent communication never leaving me in suspense or in the dark, also going above and beyond to get things done right. We need more lawyers like this one.
Louis Villacorta
Louis Villacorta
Amazing lawyer, kept me posted on everything and treated me like a friend more then a client the end result was better then I thought it would’ve been
khyrullah Khaddarkhel
khyrullah Khaddarkhel
Antar kahlon is a very professional and nice lawyer in the peel region . He always responds whenever I call, even after office hours. Very helpful. Helped me to drop off the charges completely. I highly recommend

Why Choose Kahlon Law?


Experience Matters

With over years of legal experience in Newmarket and throughout Ontario, Kahlon Law has earned a reputation as a leading criminal defence firm. Our seasoned team of legal professionals is well-versed in all aspects of criminal law, from minor offences to complex trials. We’ve successfully defended  wide range of charges.


Client Centered

At Kahlon Law, we understand that every case is unique. We take the time to listen to your story, assess your situation, and tailor a strategic defence plan that suits your specific needs. Our client-centered approach means you are not just another case file; you are a valued individual with rights, and we are here to protect them. Your concerns are ours


Proven Track Record

Our impressive track record speaks for itself. We have successfully defended countless clients, securing favourable outcomes, reduced sentences, and numerous complete acquittals. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of criminal law, combined with our relentless dedication, ensures you receive the best possible representation.


Accessible Legal Support

Legal issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why we offer 24/7 accessibility to our clients. When you need us, we are just a phone call away, ready to provide immediate guidance and support during this challenging time. Your criminal case is our top priority, ensuring consistent, reliable, and experienced legal assistance.

Our Comprehensive Services

At Kahlon Law, we offer a wide range of criminal defence services to meet your needs:


Our Legal Practice Areas

At Kahlon Law, we are committed to providing you with experienced legal representation, regardless of the specific criminal charges you are facing. Contact us today for a free consultation with newmarket criminal lawyer, and let us begin building a strong defence for your case.



Our experienced lawyers can provide robust defence strategies for assault charges, whether they are categorized as simple assault, aggravated assault, or other forms. We aim to protect your rights.
Bail Hearing

Bail Hearing

If you or a loved one is facing the need for a bail hearing, our legal team is here to ensure a fair and just process. We will work to secure your release or argue for favourable bail conditions.
Break and Enter

Break and Enter

Charges related to break and enter can be serious, but we have the knowledge and skills to challenge the evidence against you and seek the best possible outcome for your case.
Criminal Harassment

Criminal Harassment

Accusations of criminal harassment require a strong defence. We will carefully examine the details of your case and build a strategy to protect your rights and reputation.
Domestic Assault<br><br>

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault cases are highly sensitive, and our lawyers approach them with the utmost care. We strive to find resolutions that prioritise your well-being and your family's.
Drug Possession Offences

Drug Possession Offences

Whether you're facing charges for drug possession or trafficking, we have a deep understanding of drug-related laws in Ontario. We'll fight for your rights and explore all potential drug defences.
Impaired <br> Driving


Impaired driving charges can have severe consequences, including licence suspension and hefty fines. We'll work to challenge the evidence against you and minimise the impact on your life.
Fraud <br><br>


Our legal team is well-versed in defending against fraud charges, whether they involve white-collar crimes, credit card fraud, or other forms of fraudulent activity. Reliable representation.
Gun Offences

Gun Offences

Gun-related charges can lead to substantial penalties if convicted. We have the experience to navigate complex firearm laws and protect your rights throughout the legal process.


Mischief charges can range from minor offences to serious property damage. Our lawyers will assess the circumstances of your case and formulate an effective defence strategy.


Whether you're accused of shoplifting, theft under or over a certain value, or other theft-related offences, we will provide you with a robust defence aimed at achieving the best possible outcome.
Youth Offences

Youth Offences

We understand the unique challenges of defending young individuals facing criminal charges. Our legal team will work to ensure a fair and age-appropriate legal process for youth offenders.

Criminal Lawyer Newmarket

Experienced Criminal Lawyer Newmarket

The Court Process

Kahlon Law possesses the resources and skills to investigate your case thoroughly and work towards seeing a suitable outcome. As a well-known and reputable Newmarket criminal defence law firm, we have the experience and knowledge to handle your case with the utmost care and attention.

We offer no-obligation consultations in the Newmarket area, so feel free to get in touch with us today at (844) 978-8444 or mail us at info@kahlonlaw.com! We are available 24/7 every day of the week, so the next time you require help with any criminal charge, contact our criminal law firm for an initial consultation.

Read about our recent cases where our clients have avoided a criminal record. Get in touch with Dui lawyer near me today and we’ll do our best to prevent a criminal record.

Don’t leave your criminal defence to chance! Retain the services of an Assault lawyer with years of experience defending the rights of the Newmarket residents.

Contact Kahlon Law today to benefit from our skills and experience in handling complex criminal cases over the years

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When your freedom and reputation are on the line, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact Kahlon Law today and schedule your free consultation. Let us be your partners in justice, guiding you through the legal process and working tirelessly to protect your rights. Together, we can achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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Your Questions, Our Experience – Navigating Legal Uncertainties Together

Unveiling the Legal Maze

What is a bail variation?

Bail Variation is a process that allows an accused to apply for a change in their bail conditions. The simplest way to get the Crown’s consent. Alternatively, a bail review application can be made to the court. The accused must demonstrate that there is a change in circumstances and why the bail should be varied. A bail review application can be a costly and time-consuming process. In order to ensure a successful release, it is critical to find legal Fraud lawyer from the outset.

In domestic assault cases, the accused will be prohibited from contacting the complainant. Although this can be a difficult condition to abide by, it is likely that the condition will remain in effect until criminal law matters have concluded.

You have the right to remain silent when questioned by the police, protecting you from self-incrimination. Allegations, no matter the nature, should be handled with legal representation. At Kahlon Law, our best rated criminal defence lawyer is here to protect your rights, ensuring justice.

How long will court proceeding take?

The duration of court proceedings can vary greatly depending on factors like case complexity, number of witnesses, evidence availability, and court caseload. Minor cases may be resolved within four-six months, Complex cases such as criminal trials can take a year plus to conclude.

What is disclosure?

In Canadian law, disclosure is the Crown’s duty to share all case-relevant evidence with the defence. This includes witness accounts, expert opinions, police reports, and more. It promotes fairness and informed defence strategy.

Where is the Newmarket Courthouse located?

The Newmarket Courthouse is located at 50 Eagle St W, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1.

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