Unlocking Your Legal Shield: Premier Criminal Lawyer Brampton, Ontario

Welcome to Kahlon Law, your trusted partner in legal matters in Brampton, Ontario. Whether you’re dealing with gun offenses, theft, fraud, domestic assault, drug charges, impaired driving, youth offenses, bail matters, break and enter cases, criminal harassment, or mischief charges, we have the expertise to help you navigate the legal system successfully.

Unlocking Your Legal Shield: Premier Criminal Lawyer Brampton, Ontario

Welcome to Kahlon Law, your trusted partner in legal matters in Brampton, Ontario. Whether you’re dealing with gun offenses, theft, fraud, domestic assault, drug charges, impaired driving, youth offenses, bail matters, break and enter cases, criminal harassment, or mischief charges, we have the expertise to help you navigate the legal system successfully.


Trusted By Clients

At Kahlon Law, we think it’s important you get to know us. Take a minute to check out our Google reviews. You’ll see we’re all about taking care of our clients and doing everything we can to get a good outcome
Alexandra Caruso
Alexandra Caruso
Antar is an amazing lawyer that actually cares about his clients. I was looking at 3 years and i was innocent… if it weren’t for him I’d probably be doing that time now. He fought for me and had my charges dropped before even having a preliminary hearing! I was wrongfully arrested for some serious stuff, but he didn’t give up until proving my innocence. While i was in custody he answered every call possible , and every question I had… and their were lots of them…. Especially this was my first time (and only) in jail. I was terrified but he made sure that I was not wrongly convicted, and did everything he could to make sure i didn’t lose my mind while being in there. I strongly recommend using his services Thank you so much for helping me Antar. Sincerely, Alexandra.
Antar is amazing he really cares about his clients and does the very best to help them. He is understanding and never gives up. He always thrives for the very best outcome for his clients. I had an amazing experience dealing with him.
Mehran Teymourzadeh
Mehran Teymourzadeh
Antar was always responsive, replying promptly to all inquiries. Demonstrated remarkable dedication, working tirelessly on my case. Delivered results that exceeded expectations, showcasing not just expertise, but also a deep commitment to his client. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a top-notch criminal lawyer.
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Highly recommend. Caring personality. May Allah reward him ameen
He is such a good lawyer , I’m so glad that he was my lawyer, I’m super satisfied with his work
ameer hameed
ameer hameed
Where do I begin?? From the first phone call to the very last, antar has been there for me. He made me feel comfortable and always assured me that he will get the best results for me. Antar promptly answered every text message and phone calls and is always calm and patient with me. Antar is very knowledgeable in his field and understands the justice system very well. I would recommend antar to anyone without hesitation. He has resolved two cases for me with very favourable results. I honestly never write reviews for anything or anyone but I feel compelled to do this. Thank you thank you thank you antar and keep up the amazing job you’re doing.
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh
Antar is the man, don’t even bother looking for another lawyer!
mina ghaffari
mina ghaffari
آقای کاهلون ، وکیل بسیار ماهری است که مهارت های لازم را برای دفاع از مشتری دارند خیلی مهربان هستند، به نیاز های مشتری توجه می‌کنند، از حقوق قانونی مشتری دفاع می‌کنند. ما خیلی خیلی خوشحال هستیم که وکیل خوب و کاردانی مانند شما داشتیم شما را صد درصد به کسانیکه به یک وکیل خوب و زبردست نیازمند هستند توصیه می‌کنیم. ممنون و سپاسگزارتان هستیم،
Dee O
Dee O
Excellent service. Got the job done for me charges withdrawn.

Why Choose Kahlon Law?


Diverse Experience

With years of legal experience in Newmarket and throughout Ontario, Kahlon Law has earned a reputation as a leading criminal defence firm. Our seasoned team of legal professionals is well-versed in all aspects of criminal law, from minor offences to complex trials. 


Client Focused

At Kahlon Law, we prioritize our clients’ needs and interests. We work closely with you to build a strong defence strategy tailored to your unique situation. We have successfully represented clients facing a wide range of charges.


Proven Track Record

Our criminal lawyer has a track record of success in Brampton and the surrounding areas. We’ve handled numerous cases, securing favourable outcomes for our clients, including offences of sexual assault, firearm offences & many more. 


Local Knowledge

Legal issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why we offer 24/7 accessibility to our clients. When you need us, we are just a phone call away, ready to provide immediate guidance and support during this challenging time.


Our Legal Practice Areas

At Kahlon Law, we are your dedicated legal partners, providing expert guidance and unwavering support in a wide range of legal practice areas. Whether you are facing a challenging assault case, require representation for a bail hearings, or need defence in matters related to break and enter, our experienced criminal lawyers in Brampton, Ontario, are here to protect your rights and secure your future. Let’s delve deeper into our comprehensive legal practice areas:

Top Rated Criminal Lawyer Brampton

How A Skilled Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

The Court Process

Following your arrest, the police have an option to either release you or hold you for a bail hearing. The type of criminal charge(s) along with a record or the lack of one will determine whether the individual will be held for a bail hearing. 

Following the release, the charged person will be provided with paperwork that includes conditions and other restrictions on their liberties. An information sheet will also be provided, which will help the accused person navigate through the criminal justice system. 

In Brampton, the disclosure will likely be provided closer to the first court appearance. The process involves police preparing the disclosure, providing it to the crown, which is then vetted and disclosed to the defence. 

In the Crown Pre-Trial, your lawyer meets with the crown attorney to discuss the case and possible resolutions. . If a favourable resolution is not achieved, then a judicial pre-trial or trial may be required. 

Rights and Protection

One of the fundamental principles of criminal law is that individuals accused of a crime are entitled to certain rights and protections. These include:

Your Questions, Our Clarity

Unravelling Legal Mysteries

What types of cases does a top-rated criminal lawyer Brampton typically handle?

At our law firm, we offer skilled defence and legal representation to individuals in Brampton facing any criminal charges, encompassing a wide array of offences. These range from drug possession,  firearm-related offences sexual assaultdomestic assault, impaired driving (DUI), and many others

What takes place at the first court apperance?

In the William Davis courthouse, your initial court session is typically set a few months post-release.  During this interim, initial disclosure can be requested. 

For those in Brampton facing Criminal Code charges, disclosure requests can be forwarded to virtualcrownbrampton@ontario.ca

The initial court appearance serves an administrative function, providing an opportunity to inform the court about whether you have secured legal representation and/or acquired the relevant disclosure.

Are court appearances being held by zoom?

In Brampton Courthouse, bail hearings and initial court appearances are currently being held by zoom. 

Any resolution or trial matters likely require an in person attendance. 

What is a peace bond?

A peace bond, is often used in domestic assault related cases to safeguard potential victims from harm. Generally valid for 12 months, these bonds can vary based on case specifics. Like bail conditions, peace bonds restrict victim contact, weapon possession, and limit access to specific locations.

In criminal defence law, you’re protected from self-incrimination with the right to silence during police questioning. Regardless of the allegation’s severity, secure legal representation. Kahlon Law’s top-rated criminal lawyer is committed to defending your rights and securing justice.


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