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Kahlon Law is led by Antar Kahlon, one of the most reputable lawyers in Brampton. Prior to starting his practice, Antar strived to gain client advocacy since joining Law school by working in a local community legal clinic, as a clerk in the 35th District Court in Plymouth, and for a criminal litigation firm in Toronto. This gained him the experience and expertise required to run a top criminal defence firm. Kahlon is an aggressive lawyer with years of court experience. This means that he has the skills to present a strong defence and counter any allegations laid against you in a way that ensures a favourable resolution or complete withdrawal of the charges.


As a criminal defence firm, Kahlon Law offers all-inclusive services. We cater to any client accused of carrying out any criminal activity, including, but not limited to, drunk driving, youth offences, theft, fraud, gun offences, mischief, and domestic assault. Therefore, whatever criminal offences you’ve been accused of, Kahlon Law can offer experienced legal representation. We also handle bail hearings to get you out of jail as you await trial.

Customer-Oriented Services

At Kahlon Law, our clients’ interests come first. This is why we tailor each defence strategy as per the specific case details and aim to attain the best possible results at the initial stages of any case.

Experiences Criminal Law Firm

The best way to win a case is by working with a committed team that combines their unique set of skills to ensure excellent results for our clients’ cases. Kahlon Law comprises a team of seasoned professionals focused on protecting your rights, character, and building a strong defence. They are experienced and committed, which has led to our many successful results.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings 1

One of the most important initial stages of a criminal case is the bail hearing. Without proper preparation, you can be denied bail and end up spending months or even years awaiting trial. Being incarcerated during your criminal case reduces favourable resolution terms and makes it hard to work freely with your defence team.

At Kahlon Law, we have conducted many bail hearings, heightening our expertise to secure our clients’ release awaiting trial. We also deal with other bail issues, including bail reviews, bail variations, and bail estreatment hearings.

If you, your loved one, or a friend requires an experienced criminal lawyer for any bail issues, get in touch with our Brampton criminal defence lawyers.

Domestic Abuse 768

Domestic assault charges vary from forcible confinement, property damage, utter threats, physical assault and more. They are usually more complex than most assault charges and should be handled by an experienced Brampton criminal defence lawyer.

If you’re facing domestic assault charges, get in touch with our lawyers. They’ll protect your rights and help mitigate or withdraw the charges laid against you.

Youth Offences

When a person below the age of 18 years is charged with a criminal offence, the Youth Criminal Justice Act is used to litigate the case. The act recognizes the low level of maturity in most youths and, consequently, the lack of moral culpability. It asserts the importance of rehabilitation and integration of young offenders into society.

Although the Youth Criminal Act limits investigations and prosecutions of young persons accused of criminal offences, one should have experienced legal representation by their side. Kahlon Law helps young people fight criminal cases, as they carry a significant impact on the rest of their lives.

Driving Offences Dui

DUI and driving-related offences carry significant negative consequences, including driving prohibition, increased insurance premiums, reinstatement fees, criminal record, and even incarceration. Therefore, if you’re facing charges such as DUI, “80 or over”, drugged driving, refusal to take a breath sample, driving while suspended, careless driving, or other driving offences, call an experienced driving offence defence lawyer in Brampton.

Kahlon Law has successfully handled many driving-related charges by thoroughly investigating the underlying circumstances, thoroughly reviewing evidence, and a strong defence strategy. Talk to us today, and we will find a way to mitigate your charges.

Drug Crimes

If you’re facing drug charges in Brampton, including trafficking, importing, possession, production or project cases, having a criminal defence lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the criminal code. Drug-related criminal charges, including the possession of small amounts of opioids such as fentanyl and other street drugs, carry hefty consequences, including years in prison.

As the marijuana industry continues to boom, its many regulations could see you facing marijuana charges. Working with an experienced lawyer, such as Kahlon, could help you escape unseen consequences, including a criminal record.

If you or someone you know are facing criminal drug charges in Brampton, contact Kahlon Law for expert legal assistance.

Assault Threats

An assault is the deliberate application of force on an individual without their consent. It ranges from the simple application of force, such as a tap, to serious offences such as the use of guns and other objects that can cause bodily harm. Threats are words or actions that indicate the intent to cause harm.

If you or someone you care about are facing assault or threat charges, having an experienced lawyer can help you alleviate or withdraw the charges against you. Remember, instances such as self-defence, third party, protection of property, or consent fighting are vital when it comes to assault charges.

Gun Crimes

The possession, unregistered use, and trafficking of a firearm have some of the most severe penalties and sentences in Canada under the Criminal Code. Gun crimes involve complex litigation processes and require a criminal defence lawyer with a thorough understanding of gun regulation and licensing.

Kahlon Law has defended many persons charged with gun offences, and we can help alleviate the charges laid against you or your loved one. Call us today, and benefit from our expertise handling gun-related criminal cases.

Theft Fraud

Theft and fraud cases are quite expansive, and they encompass diverse criminal activities under the Canadian Criminal Code. According to the Criminal Code, fraud is when anyone, through fraudulent means, swindles an individual, a group, or the public of any property, money, valuable, or service. Note that you can even be charged with fraud if your intent to defraud led to property loss or a decrease in its value. For example, if the market price for shares or stocks dropped due to possible fraudulent activities, you can be charged.

If you’re facing theft or fraud charges, contact Kahlon Law today, and we’ll help you fight the charges.

Human Trafficking

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, human trafficking covers a wide array of criminal activities, including trafficking of minors and adults, receiving material or financial benefits for facilitating or committing trafficking, destroying or withholding identity documents to facilitate or commit trafficking, and more.

If you’re charged with human trafficking, contact our experienced Brampton criminal defence lawyers to defend you.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault offences carry some of the most severe penalties as per the criminal code. If you’re charged and convicted, these charges can ruin the rest of your life, including career prospects. They can also lead to stigmatization, a criminal record, jail term, and registry on the sex offenders list.

Due to the increased attention on sexual assault crimes, the way the cases are investigated and prosecuted has changed rapidly. Therefore, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a highly experienced and reputable sexual assault defence lawyer in Brampton.


Robbery is the use of force, violence, or threat of violence to rob or attempt to rob someone’s property, with or without a weapon. As a violent offence, the crown often pushes to have you in incarceration pending trial. If convicted, you could spend a number of years in prison, depending on the nature of the robbery.

Kahlon law has helped many individuals charged with robbery get better outcomes through negotiations with the crown and meticulous defence strategies. As a reputable, professional, and experienced firm, we can help you mitigate your offences. Contact us for expert defence council.


This is the willful destruction or damage of property, or rendering it useless, ineffective, or dangerous, or interfering with its lawful use or operation. With such a wide range of acts, mischief charges carry different punishments.

If you or someone you know are facing mischief charges, contact Kahlon Law, and we will protect your rights.

Brampton Best Reviewed Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kahlon Law has protected the rights and liberty of Brampton residents for years, getting them suitable results, including withdrawal and reduction of criminal charges. This is evident from the reviews given by our previous clients.

The Brampton Criminal Defence Lawyer

Kahlon Antar is a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton. He graduated from the University of Guelph with an honours degree in B.Sc., Criminal Justice, and undertook his Jurist Doctor at Windsor University.

Antar started gaining his client representation experience by working for Windsor’s Community Legal Clinic during law school. He was also an editor of the Journal of Legal and Social Issues in Windsor. Antar also worked with the Honorable Ronald Lowe as a judicial clerk in the 35th District Court in Plymouth.

After completing law school, Antar articled with a reputable criminal and quasi-criminal firm in Toronto. After his call to the Ontario Bar, he joined the same firm as an associate and left after a short while to start Kahlon Law.

Dedication, customized and affordable services, excellent legal representation, and professionalism are just a few of the values he built his firm on and that he continues to adhere to.

If you’re looking for a criminal defence attorney in Brampton, consider working with the experienced Antar Kahlon. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or for immediate legal representation.

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Facing criminal charges can have such dire consequences, especially when you end up convicted. Therefore, it’s best to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer with the expertise to formulate exceptional defence strategies that will help mitigate or withdraw the charges against you.

Don’t leave your defence to chance! Contact Kahlon Law for a free consultation with an expert criminal defence lawyer in Brampton.

Brampton Area Criminal Law Resources

Brampton Courthouse

The Brampton (A. Grenville & William Davis) Courthouse is the region’s home for the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. These courts handle all criminal litigations from the arrests made in Brampton.

If you have a court date and you’re not representing yourself, get in touch with your lawyer and communicate the day, time, and courtroom you’re expected to appear in the Brampton Courthouse.

As your lawyer, Kahlon Law stays updated with your case proceedings and the set court dates. To confirm your court date, you can visit or call the courthouse and ask to speak with one of the criminal court clerks.

Here are the contact details for the Brampton Courthouse:

Brampton Courthouse

7755 Hurontario Street
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4T1
Telephone: (905) 456-4700

Brampton Crown Attorney’s Office

The Brampton Crown Attorney’s Office comprises many Assistant Crown Attorneys, management-level Crown Attorneys, and other legal professionals who prosecute criminal cases in Brampton. They work with local law enforcement, witnesses, and complainants to build a criminal case against the accused. As criminal defence lawyers in Brampton, we challenge their cases to help our clients get a fair outcome or complete withdrawal of their charges.

Kahlon Law is reputable among the Brampton Crown Attorney’s office and has a relationship of trust and professionalism, which helps resolve cases fairly and efficiently.

Keep in mind that if you have a lawyer, it’s not advisable to contact the Brampton Crown Attorney’s office directly. It would be best if you had your lawyer contact them in case of anything. But, if you are self-represented, or need to make contact due to something else, here are their contact details:

Brampton Crown Attorney’s Office

7756 Hurontario Street
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4T1
Telephone: (905) 456-4778


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