Feminization of War

War has become feminized. We can no longer go into a war situation and just crush the enemy. Not since WWII have we been able to decisively win a war. Korea is still in a cease fire, we lost in Viet Nam, we didn't finish the first Gulf War, and we are playing around in Iraq right now. In every one of these cases we did not unleash the full force of our military to completely win and force the enemy to surrender. The masculine thing would have been to do just such - wipe out the enemy. The feminine thing to do is what and why we are in the current state of affairs now. The enemy and/or future enemies are not afraid of us. They know we will wimp out and capitulate in the end because our liberal politicians and media will do everything they can to sway public opinion by emphasizing the cost in lives. We need to toughen up and fight this war until we win it. Quit worrying about what the world thinks and whether we might hurt the feelings and offend the detainees and prisoners at Gitmo or Abu Ghraib or listen in on a terrorist's phone call originating from the US. What a joke! Toughen up buttercup.

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During WWII, the US lost over 292,000 soldiers while the Japanese lost over 2.0 million soldiers and Germany lost over 2.3 million soldiers. All this in four years! Compare that with the last four wars. We took WWII seriously and put our full force and might towards winning - and we did - decisively. When there is evil in the world - and there certainly is - who what to destroy our way of life and security we have to defend ourselves and our way of life. We have become so comfortable and sanitized that we can no longer tolerate a costly war. The media are going nuts over the 2500+ US deaths in Iraq. By comparison, it should be celebrated that so few are being lost.

Every death is a tragedy, however, when it is in defense against evil, it is necessary. I am proud to live in a country where my liberty and freedom are worth dying for. I honor and celebrate those who gave their lives so that I can enjoy these freedoms. I have relatives that have fought and died and understand that cost. I am willing to do the same and I know my son is as well. It's the cost we must pay as a freedom loving civilization.

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