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Kahlon Law has experience defending clients charged with criminal offences in Oshawa. The firm has acquired vast criminal law knowledge and skills to analyze any criminal case and come up with the best way forward. No matter the allegations against you, our experienced counsel will help you achieve a favourable outcome, including withdrawal or a significant reduction of your charges.

Full-Service Criminal Defence Firm

As a leading criminal defence firm in Ontario, Kahlon Law is skilled in all criminal-related matters, providing reliable and all-inclusive services to our clients. Our firm handles bail hearings, negotiations with the Crown, trials, and any issue that may arise in a criminal case. Some of the criminal allegations we defend include assault, driving offences, theft, fraud, robbery, mischief, domestic violence, drug crimes, and weapon offences. Regardless of your criminal allegations, our team can help you obtain optimum results.


Kahlon Law has worked on a variety of criminal cases, and understands that each case is unique . The firm extensively reviews your case to understand it and identify the associated weaknesses and strengths. By doing so, we can create a comprehensive, innovative, and effective defence strategy tailored to the unique details of your criminal charges. This ensures that we attain the best possible outcome in every criminal litigation.

Come First

At Kahlon Law, our clients always come first. Given that facing criminal charges is quite perplexing, Kahlon Law puts your interests first and works to find the best way out. We make sure you understand your case and all the possible outcomes based on the charges, evidence, witnesses, and other factors. Kahlon Law dedicates its time, expertise, and other resources to defend you and guide you through every step of the process.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings 1

After getting arrested and charged with a criminal offence, one may remain in custody, awaiting arraignment for a bail hearing. This is a crucial first step of any criminal case and requires thorough preparations of the defendant and the surety (the person securing your release) for a successful outcome.  Being granted a Judicial Interim Release earns you some freedom and allows you to work with your defence team with ease. Keeping in mind that some cases may take months to get to trial, it’s vital to retain a highly experienced criminal defence lawyer to handle your bail hearing preparations and proceedings.

At Kahlon Law, our experienced criminal defence lawyer is well-versed with bail hearing matters. The firm has successfully conducted a vast number of bail hearings, providing the knowledge required to handle any issues that may hinder your interim release. Contact us for experienced legal representation during your bail hearing.

Domestic Abuse 768

Criminal cases involving any form of violence are taken very seriously by Courts, and they carry severe consequences. Domestic violence, which is essentially any form of assault within a domestic relationship, is no different. When facing a domestic violence charge, it’s essential to have a criminal defence lawyer who’s well-versed with the intricacies of domestic violence cases.

Kahlon Law has the experience and skills required for a favourable outcome in any domestic assault charge. The firm will help with your bail hearing and strive to attain the best possible results in your case. If you or your loved ones are charged with domestic violence, contact our Oshawa criminal defence attorneys for a free consultation on your case.

Youth Offences

Facing a criminal offence as a youth is one of the most devastating and frightening things. This is because a conviction can derail the rest of your life. Youths, in most instances, are charged and prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This act provides extra protection for young offenders and limits how they can be investigated and prosecuted. However, even with the additional protection of the YCJA, one can end up facing severe long-term consequences if convicted of a youth offence.

With an experienced youth offence lawyer, you can mitigate the charges against you and attain a favourable outcome. Our Oshawa criminal lawyers are skilled in youth offences, and the firm can help you with any criminal charges you may be facing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Driving Offences Dui

Driving offences encompass careless driving, impaired driving, refusing a breath sample, driving while suspended or prohibited, and other violations. Driving violations and DUI charges pose some of the most drastic consequences in Canada, including license suspension, increased insurance premiums, interlock costs, and possible incarceration. With such repercussions awaiting you upon conviction, it’s advisable to seek proper legal advice.

Kahlon Law has successfully litigated many driving-related charges gaining the experience and skills required to protect your rights and liberties. If you, or someone you know, are charged with a driving-related offence, contact our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers for exceptional legal representation.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges are among the most serious allegations one can face in Canada. They can result from the importation, trafficking, possession, or production of controlled drugs and substances. A drug charge conviction carries dire penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences, long-term incarcerations, and travel restrictions. It is, therefore, highly advisable to get an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you when faced with such charges.

Kahlon Law has a proven track record of successfully defending individuals facing minor to serious drug-related charges through meticulously planned and executed defence strategies. If you are charged with a drug offence, talk to our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers for a free consultation.

Assault Threats

Assault charges result from the intentional application of force on another person without their consent. Assault offences include aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and “simple assault.” Threats can also amount to assault if your actions and deeds make the other person believe on reasonable grounds that you will use force against them. Assault and threats are violent offences, and as such, the Crown Attorneys and Courts take them very seriously.

The potential consequences of assault and threat charges include long jail sentences, permanent criminal records, and other collateral consequences. An experienced criminal attorney can help you alleviate the charges against you or get them withdrawn, averting some of the potential consequences. If you’re facing assault or threat charges, contact Kahlon Law, and we’ll fight to get the best possible results.

Gun Crimes

Gun crimes constitute one of the most serious categories of offences under the Canadian Criminal Code. They include importation and trafficking of firearms, possession of restricted weapons, carrying a concealed firearm, illegal use of firearms, discharge of a firearm, and many related crimes. Gun-related crimes have severe penalties upon conviction, including mandatory minimum sentences, loss of firearm license, a criminal record, and more.

At Kahlon Law, we have vast experience in gun crimes as we have successfully represented many clients charged with such offences. If you, or someone you know, are accused of a gun-related offence, get in touch with our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers for a free assessment of your case.

Theft Fraud

Theft and fraud are property-related offences. They entail the acquisition of another person’s property through devious means, and they range from simple shoplifting crimes to major fraud schemes. Theft and fraud charges have many effects, including loss of employment, civil litigations, possible jail sentences, and a criminal record. Even without a conviction, such charges can ruin the rest of your life. Therefore, when charged with theft or fraud, it’s advisable to seek the services of highly experienced criminal defence lawyers.

Our Oshawa criminal defence lawyer has years of experience fighting for clients charged with theft or fraud. They fight to get the charges dropped, reduced, or withdrawn in favour of lesser charges. The firm strive to minimize any chances of ending up with a criminal record. If you, or your loved one, are facing theft and fraud charges, contact Kahlon law for expert legal counsel.

Human Trafficking

One can be charged with human trafficking if they recruit, transport, hold, receive, transfer, or harbour another person. You can also face charges if you control, direct, or influence another person’s movements for sexual or forced labour exploitation. Human trafficking charges carry severe penalties, and most of them have minimum mandatory sentences. When charged with human trafficking, other related offences can also be added, including kidnapping and sexual assault.

Human trafficking charges are serious, and, therefore, retaining an experienced criminal defence lawyer is paramount. Kahlon Law has a proven track record of successfully protecting the rights and liberties of clients charged with human trafficking. If you are facing human trafficking or any related offences, contact us, and we’ll help you mitigate the allegations.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a special category of assault offences. It entails sexual-related acts performed on another person without their consent, including kissing, touching, and forced intercourse. Sexual assault charges, no matter how minor they may seem, pose severe long-term consequences. Some of the penalties one may face upon conviction include the addition to the sex offender registry, minimum mandatory sentences, and a permanent criminal record. Even without a finding of guilt, accused persons still suffer stigmatization.

When charged with a sexual assault offence, it’s vital to retain the services of a highly experienced criminal defence lawyer. The firm will protect your rights and liberties and fight to obtain the best possible results.


Robbery is the use of force or violence or threats to use force to obtain property from another individual or premises. As a violent offence, robbery carries drastic penalties. It is, therefore, requisite to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Kahlon Law has years of experience successfully defending persons charged with robbery offences. Our team of lawyers and other legal professionals develop strong defence strategies to help our clients obtain the best possible results. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Mischief is the intentional destruction of property or rendering it useless, ineffective, or dangerous. It is a property offence and can be categorized into two, i.e., offences over $5,000 and offences below $5,000. Mischief charges have severe penalties upon conviction, which are imposed depending on the act, value of the stolen property, and level of sophistication involved.

Kahlon Law has been successfully representing clients facing mischief allegations for many years. Our proven track record gives us the necessary skills to thoroughly handle your case and get a successful outcome.

Oshawa Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Kahlon Law has grown to become one of the most highly-regarded criminal defence firms in Oshawa. With the exceptional leadership of Antar Kahlon, the firm delivers exquisite defence services and optimal results to every client faced with criminal allegations.

Our success has earned us a great reputation among peers and clients. To learn more about our success in criminal law, read our google reviews and peruse our case history.

The Oshawa Criminal Defence Lawyer

Antar Kahlon is a highly-experienced criminal defence lawyer and founder of Kahlon Law. He graduated with an honours degree in criminal justice from the University of Guelf. He also undertook a Jurist Doctor at Windsor university. Antar is an authority in criminal law, and he utilizes his skills and knowledge to defend clients facing any range of criminal charges. He gained his skills by working for Windsor’s Community Legal Aid during law school and, after graduation, for a prominent criminal defence firm in Toronto.

Antar is well-known as a lawyer with strong values, which are the foundation of Kahlon Law. These include legal excellence, superior client service, and exceptional legal solutions.

Kahlon Antar is a vigorous lawyer with deep legal insights and creative defence strategies. He strives to protect his clients’ rights and liberties and to achieve optimal results. As criminal law keeps evolving, Antar evolves with it. This enables him and the firm to provide the best criminal defence services for the residents of Ontario.

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Dealing with criminal allegations necessitates legal advice from a highly experienced and committed criminal defence lawyer. Don’t take any charges, no matter how minor, lightly. Contact our criminal defence lawyers in Oshawa for exceptional legal representation.


What does a criminal lawyer do?

Every criminal case is built on certain elements, including evidence and witnesses. As criminal lawyers, our work is to thoroughly analyze the evidence, arrest protocols, searches that led to the discovery of evidence, and other matters surrounding your case to find “loopholes” and ways to get all or certain evidence dismissed. An excellent criminal lawyer fights for the clients to avert jail time or a criminal record by getting the charges dropped or withdrawn in favour of lesser ones.

Contesting criminal cases is our skill set. Contact us for experienced legal advice.

Do I need a criminal defence lawyer if I have been falsely accused?

Remember, every person arrested and charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, even if you’ve been falsely accused, you should get competent counsel to prove your innocence and get the charges withdrawn.

Don’t take a chance with your future! Contact Kahlon Law for legal counsel, and we’ll protect your rights.

I have been arrested and charged with theft. What can I do to avoid prison time?

Theft is a property-related offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. It’s categorized into theft under $5000 and theft over $5000. If you have been arrested and charged with theft, avoiding prison time or a conviction depends on the strength of the Crown’s case, and the facts surrounding your case. For first and second time offenders charged with “theft under,” a jail sentence is unlikely. The best way to avoid a conviction is to retain an experienced criminal defence attorney to protect you. Contact our Oshawa lawyers for legal counsel.


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