Bain Bus Visits the Mid-Hudson Valley 99%

The Bain Bus Tour rolled into Poughkeepsie, NY today, where activists from the Mid-Hudson Valley 99% gathered to meet the bus and to tell their stories about what a Romney Economy means to them lost jobs, choosing between paying rent and healthcare, and homelessness.

Watch to Richard's story here:

In the Mid-Hudson Valley, the 99% are fighting to elect a representative who will work for them, not the 1%. Poughkeepsie is part of Congressional District 18, currently represented by Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, who voted for the Paul Ryan Budget while refusing to support bills raising the minimum wage a true representative of the Romney Economy.

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Among those at the event today was Nora Mendez, a Mid-Hudson 99% activist who has struggled through homelessness before getting a steady job. She worries what will happen if Hayworth is re-elected and Romney wins the presidency. The Mid-Hudson 99% have been rallying the community together to urge elected officials to increase the minimum wage while also protecting the vital services that provide a safety net in times of struggle.

The Bain Bus tour heads to Boston next, while the activists from the Mid-Hudson Valley 99% will continue to fight for an economy that works for the 99% which is very clearly not Romney economy.

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