Why do Some Citizens Choose not to Vote?

Beyond the superficial reasons like "I don't have time" or "One vote won't make a difference", I think a legitimate reason/concern is the lack of understanding or knowledge that youth have (or rather, don't have) about the existing political parties. Certainly, if you have been unable to follow current issues plaguing our world today, or couldn't tune into the TVbroad-castedpolitical debated, you just may be at a disadvantaged on voting day.

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But of course, once again, Change Tomorrow's World aims to give youth a viable solution so that you can actively be involved in the world we live in. We refer you to VoteCompass a very interesting (but controversial) polling system set up on CBC (developed by a team of 15 top Canadian electionresearchers and political science scholars, and coordinated by the University of Toronto).An individual answers 30 questions on current issues surround this federal election questions that we're carefully crafted over months! Based on your votes, the program then synthesizes your answers and compares them to each party's position, and provides a final result on which party's platform you are most aligned with, along with information about the other parties. The final report is quite informative, and I found the result to be very interesting notably, that the parties weren't arranged on a spectrum, but rather on a four quadrant grid labelled "economic right", "economic left", "social liberalism" and "social conservatism". I could see exactly where I fell on the quadrant, and how far away I was from certain parties.

While you should explore VoteCompass with a grain of salt and keep in mind that it might be over-simplified, it provides a wonderful way youth to make a better educated decision about how they should vote, and what you identify issues are important. Most importantly, VoteCompass opens a platform for discussion you learn about important issues in Canada today, and also about where you need to beef up on your knowledge of national issues. Vote Compass will motivate you to learn more about the issues plaguing Canadians, and, I hope, will encourage you to gathermore information to make an informed decision. The survey not meant to change your vote, or tell you how to vote it's about giving you a sense of where the parties fall and how you should look at the issues and your own position before voting.

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