Flabbergasted with this new bill...

To say that I am flabbergasted with this new bill proposed by our government is an understatement. Fair enough, the government are trying to be reformative whether it be in Education, Health or Finance but it just appears to me that they are doing it for the sake of it rather than actually thinking about what they want to reform and why.

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People in Ireland have always seen life as precious. People worked hard and lived hard but always remained positive, sometimes with the support of faith or family. We have always been a country with beliefs, traditions and values that we have been proud of and advocates of. We do not have corporal punishment in this country and we have strict gun control unlike other countries such as the US. We have remained neutral throughout the world wars and we have built a republic that incorporates our beliefs in our constitution. So why is this government so insistent to changing everything?

Suicide is a major problem in this country. It has even become slightly sensationalised at times in the media. It is clear that suicide is an issue that needs to be addressed in Ireland. Too many lives are lost to it. Today I read through the Protection of Life Through Pregnancy Bill and came to a section that allows an abortion to be implemented where this is a risk of the mother committing suicide. This in my opinion is a very grey area and should not be part of this bill. Suicide in any form should not be justified. If a mother is having a baby and implies she is suicidal surely this is a medical condition and not a reason to kill the unborn baby? If someone is suicidal, work should be done to help that person overcome the psychological issues causing these thoughts. They should be enabled to see the light, so to speak. The first step in solving suicidal issue is getting the person to talk. If a mother can tell a doctor that she is suicidal, surely this woman can be helped by psychological professionals to overcome her suicidal thoughts. In a country where suicide is a problem, the last thing we need to do is justify any form of suicide.

Pro life and abortion are issues that will not go away and it is a debate that may never be satisfied but life is precious and when people like our current government begin to discuss bills and reforms to our constitution I reckon it would be highly beneficial for everyone if they remembered this. Life is precious.

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