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The current political process is flawed because it allows money to influence the elected results. And no amount of campaign reform will change this unless we're willing to severe the financial umbilical cords from the corporations who put the politicians in office. How do we expect elected officials to behave in the interests of the 99%?

The 99% didn't arrange for a private campaign jet. It didn't arrange for millions in free advertising to be paid for by Friends of the politicians in question. The 99% didn't promise other generous contributionskickbacks; a new manufacturing plant, call center, or administrative offices in their political district. Simply put: Corporations rule politics because they are the gatekeepers to prosperity, from which citizens derive their comforts. And, therefore, if a change is to come about, then the rules to the political predicament must likewise be changed.

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Money should not be a factor in choosing our leaders. Rather, they should each be able to stand on their merits, on their characters. Our leaders should not have to pander to corporate interests when they're elected to serve the peoplethe 99%.

Every election cycle billions of dollars are sparsed out to various media conglomerates to promote the political candidates for one office or another. Why? Why spend money on this at all? Would it not be more transparent a simplistic to make the election process like making a date on Post the candidate profiles, resumes, and perhaps videos of them in life, speaking, arguing why they should be chosen. A few scheduled debates to clarify their positions, we place our votes and done. Weve not only saved billions, we've taken the power out of corporate hands.

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