Labor unions are the backbone of the Democrat Party.

The NLRA is still in effect today. Many state governments and the federal government require bidders for contracted work to pay "prevailing wages" - in other words, union wages. Some states are still Right To Work states but many are forced union. Congress is set to debate the Employee Free Choice Act which will do away with the secret ballot, allow for worker intimidation to force co-workers to unionize, and allow for a union to be formed when a majority of people sign a union card with no real time deadlines should a majority not sign a union card. We have a compensation czar which will decide how much of a bonus financial firms' executives that participated in the bailout will receive.

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Finally, there's the forcible suppression of opposition part of fascism. We see this today, but forcible suppression is not an exact match. However, the media and the tyranny of the majority have tried to marginalize the opposition but incorrectly labeling them as Nazis, whack jobs, angry mobs, celebration of ignorance, etc. The media is all too happy to report and condemn the town hall protesters and the tea parties. This is the final piece to the fascist puzzle. Media control. The media ignores stories or does their part to push the party line. In a show of support, NBC sells memorabilia of our Dear Leader!!! News is strictly controlled and those that don't follow suit are ostracized. Just as Major Garrett how that works. This ostracizing also applies to companies. Remember the outcry at the car industry executives for flying on private jets to DC for the Congressional hearings? Oil industry executives in front of Congress every time gasoline prices go up? And now the insurance companies are next on hot seat. Congress will have their show trial, insurance companies will be vilified, and the media will do their part by running stories condemning insurance company practices and showing "tugging on the heart strings" stories about how those evil insurance companies have hurt people. Those that defend insurance companies and by default those that oppose the health care reform bill will be shown as evil people hurting the poor and helpless.

I've laid out the facts of fascism and have compared them to today. You decide if I'm correct or not. Either way, if you have not read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, you should. In my opinion, it should be required reading for every American.

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