The value of having a Legal Nurse Consultant on your team.

The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is imperative to the LNC if she/he is to be successful. Attorneys are individuals that communicate in a straightforward line and do not want a long curvy process to arrive at the point. Attorneys expect straight-to-the point communication without a bunch of fluff. The ability to communicate in a straightforward manner, both written and verbal, is imperative to the attorney as time is money.

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Curiosity is another essential characteristic that the attorney will absolutely love in the Legal Nurse Consultant. The determination to dig deep into the medical records is something a successful LNC thoroughly enjoys. Never leaving a stone unturned is what the Legal Nurse Consultant will do for the attorney. Knowing the medical aspects of the case inside and out will allow the LNC to communicate their findings to the attorney and to aid in the litigation process with discovery, depositions, research, and finding that perfect expert.

Many attorneys do not know the value of having a Legal Nurse Consultant on their team. They struggle with trying to decipher the medical records on their own, which can be frustrating, time consuming, and detrimental to their case. Attorneys that utilize the Legal Nurse Consultant in their practice eliminate the frustration and time-consuming tasks of organizing, reviewing, and deciphering medical records and they leave that to the professional LNC.

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