Car accidents and injuries occur daily by the thousands in the United States and every day people are killed in motor vehicle accidents. The California Highway Patrol maintains the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) which provides statistics on car accidents and injuries through it's most recent report available the 2006 Annual Report of Fatal and Injury Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions. This report shows the extent to which car accidents happen, where they happen, the damages that result, the victims who are injured and the various injuries suffered in those car accidents.

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Below are some statistics of accidents that occurred in 2006.

  • 4,197 people we're killed in car accidents
  • 277,574 people we're injured in car accidents
  • There we're 3,793 fatal collisions
  • There we're 189,957 injury collisions
  • The highest number of victims involved in these crashes we're in the 15-24 age group, with a total of 1,051 deaths; the next highest number of victims we're in the 25-34 age group, with nearly a third fewer deaths at 695
  • 736 victims killed in car accidents we're pedestrians, and 155 victims we're bicyclists
  • The highest number of fatalities occurred with the car hitting an object, at 1,116 deaths and the highest number of injuries we're in rear end collisions, with the total injured at 87,022
  • Overall, the highest demographic of victims killed in automobile crashes we're male drivers, at 1,786 deaths, while female drivers totaled 506 deaths

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