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Opening arguments in criminal court are usually short and concise. It is only the complainant who presents his or her case in court, and he or she must make the defence case after the prosecutor's presentation, the defence lawyer representing the accused. Every case is unique. After the defence lawyer has spoken to the judge and jury, the jury then must deliberate. The law is straightforward: you need a unanimous verdict from twelve jurors to convict someone. Conviction and conviction for a crime means the person is sentenced to a certain term of imprisonment. How are people convicted? In order to be convicted of a crime, you must have been caught committing the crime. This could be a high school student caught in the act, a home owner caught using a neighbour's Wi-Fi, a religious fanatic caught breaking into a church or synagogue, or simply a victim of a home invasion. Many crimes, including murder and drug trafficking, are tried in a trial court. Usually, a trial court consists of a judge and jury. It is run by a single judge. A jury consists of twelve people, six men and six women. They are usually drawn from the community where the crime took place.

Brampton criminal lawyer

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Brampton criminal lawyer

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