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Criminal law is vast and requires experience and an in-depth understanding to utilize it when defending your clients. Kahlon Law has been successfully defending persons charged with criminal allegations for a number of years. This has given us the experience and expertise required to litigate any criminal offence. Therefore, whether you’re facing a robbery, fraud, theft, or sexual assault offence, our criminal defence lawyers can protect you throughout the process and fight to attain a favourable outcome.


Every case has different circumstances that led to a criminal offence charge. This makes every case unique. At Kahlon Law, we analyze the details of each criminal charge thoroughly and conduct investigations into the allegations you’re facing.  This gives us a full picture of your case, enabling us to devise a creative defence strategy tailored to attain the best possible results.

Customer-Oriented Services

At Kahlon Law, our primary focus is protecting our clients’ rights and exceptionally defending them against the charges they’re facing. As our client, we provide you with high-quality services from initial consultation to trial. As experienced criminal lawyers, we understand the fear associated with criminal charges as they carry significant consequences. This is why we commit our time and resources to ensure the best outcome possible for every client we defend.

All-Inclusive Criminal Defence Services

Kahlon is a premier criminal defence firm that provides all-inclusive criminal defence services. This means that we represent clients facing any criminal charge through the whole process, from bail hearing to jury or judge trial.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings 1

After getting charged with a criminal offence, you may be held in custody for a bail hearing. This is a determination of whether you’ll be released pending trial and under which conditions. Given that your case can take months or years to get to trial, a successful bail hearing is crucial as it allows you to work freely with your attorney. It also allows you to join and actively participate in relevant programs, strengthening your defence.

Kahlon Law has conducted many successful bail hearings, getting their clients released under minimal limitations. If you, or someone you know, are being held for a bail hearing, our experienced criminal defence lawyers can help you prepare for a successful outcome. Contact us for expert legal representation.

Domestic Abuse 768

Domestic violence charges encompass any assault that occurs within a domestic relationship, such as between couples or common-law-partners. The Crown Attorneys and Courts handle these charges separately from other assault charges, as they are treated more seriously, given the existing relationship between the defendant and complainant. If you’re accused of domestic assault, it’s vital to have a seasoned criminal defence attorney.

Kahlon Law is well-versed in the laws surrounding domestic violence charges. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can defend you against such allegations and obtain the possible results for your case. Get in touch with us for a free assessment of your case.

Youth Offences

In the criminal justice system, young offenders (below the age of 18) are treated differently from adults. In most situations, youth offences are tried under the Youth Justice Criminal Act. This act provides extra protection and strict guidelines on the investigation and prosecution of youth. However, even with the protection from the YCJA, youth offences pose harsh consequences upon conviction. Therefore, it’s essential to retain an experienced attorney who is well-versed with the YCJA.

At Kahlon Law, we have successfully defended many youths facing various charges under the YCJA. If you, or someone you love, are charged with a youth offence, contact our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Kitchener for legal counsel.

Driving Offences Dui

Driving offences, such as over 80, impaired driving, dangerous driving, driving while prohibited, and refusal to provide a breath sample, are serious, and they carry drastic consequences. Some of the consequences one may face if convicted include driving prohibitions, fines, and even jail terms. When charged with a driving offence, it’s paramount to get legal representation from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Kahlon law has been providing exceptional representation to persons charged with driving and related offences. If you find yourself facing such charges, rely on our experience to protect your rights and vigorously defend you. Contact our impaired driving lawyers in Kitchener to discuss your case.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges are among the most severe allegations one can face in Canada. They include possession, production, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking, and importing drugs. Drug offences have severe penalties based on the crime and type of drug involved, including incarceration, travel and employment restriction, and criminal records. With such repercussions upon conviction, having an experienced criminal lawyer is indispensable.

Our Kitchener drug offence lawyers are highly-experienced in drug offences. Kahlon Law has represented clients facing even the most severe charges, including importation and trafficking of drugs. The firm stays updated on all the rapidly changing drug laws, enabling them to provide exceptional services. Contact Kahlon Law for expert legal advice on any drug charges.

Assault Threats

An assault is the intentional application of force on another person, either directly or indirectly, without their consent. Assault offences are categorized based on the degree of the act, and they include assault with a weapon, simple assault, aggravated assault, and assault causing bodily. Threats can also be regarded as assault if the deeds and words imply an imminent use of force on a person. Convictions of assault and threat charges carry extremely severe penalties based on the degree of the offence, including jail terms.

When facing such serious repercussions, an experienced criminal defence lawyer is your best option for getting favourable results. If you’re charged with assault, contact Kahlon Law. We’ll review your assault charge, devise a strong defence strategy, and fight to get the charges significantly reduced or withdrawn.

Gun Crimes

Gun offences are among the most severe charges prosecuted in Canada. They include carrying a concealed weapon, illegal use of firearms, possession of unlicensed firearms, trafficking, possession of restricted firearms, and more related offences. Gun charges pose serious consequences, including incarceration. Therefore, it’s advisable to enlist the services of an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and liberties.

Kahlon law has successfully represented many clients charged with gun crimes, including related offences such as discharge of a firearm. If you or someone you know are facing gun-related charges, contact our Kitchener criminal defence lawyers for expert representation.

Theft Fraud

Theft and fraud are property-related crimes, entailing the acquisition of property through devious means. They are divided into two categories, i.e., offences over $5000 and offences below $5000. Both categories pose serious long-term repercussions, including fines, jail sentence, and a permanent criminal record, for persons found guilty.

Whether you’re facing a ‘white-collar’ fraud charge or simple shoplifting offence, Kahlon Law attorneys can defend you. Our Kitchener criminal defence lawyers have years of experience representing clients charged with such crimes. By using creative defence strategies, we can get your charges alleviated or get you acquitted. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking offences carry some of the most devastating consequences in Canada. You can face human trafficking charges if you recruit, transport, harbour, receive, transfer, or conceal another person. One can also be charged if they influence or control another person’s movements for the purposes of sexual or forced labour exploitation. Depending on the circumstances, the police may also charge one with related offences including kidnapping, forcible confinement, or conspiracy.  Human trafficking charges carry severe penalties, including mandatory minimum jail sentences for some offences.

At Kahlon Law, we have dealt with human trafficking and related charges, giving us extensive experience and expertise in such matters. Contact our criminal defence lawyers in Kitchener to discuss your case and possible defence strategies.

Sexual Assault

With the increased attention on sexual assault and related offences, the Crown Attorneys and Courts are handling such allegations with the utmost sternness. Sexual assault comprises any unsolicited sexual acts such as forced kissing or touching and rape. A conviction on sexual assault poses drastic consequences, including mandatory minimum jail sentences in certain circumstances, addition to the sexual offender registry, criminal record, and more. Even without a conviction, a sexual assault charge can lead to social stigmatization.

With the many repercussions posed by such allegations, it’s essential to retain an experienced sexual assault lawyer. Kahlon Law has defended numerous clients charged with sexual assault by utilizing thorough defence strategies. Contact our Kitchener criminal defence lawyers, and Kahlon Law will help you obtain the best possible results on the charges you’re facing.


Robbery is the use of force, violence, or threats to use violence to take or attempt to take someone else’s property. Like any other offence involving violence, robbery carries severe repercussions, including a criminal record, and incarceration. Therefore, if you’re charged with robbery or related offences, it’s requisite to enlist the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Kahlon Law has successfully represented many clients facing minor to serious robbery allegations. We strive to get the best possible results, including the withdrawal of serious charges in favour of lesser charges. Call our Kitchener criminal defence lawyers for exceptional legal advice.


Mischief encompasses any acts involving the intentional destruction or damage of property or rendering it useless, ineffective or inoperable, with no intent to steal it. It also covers any offences that lead to the destruction or alteration of someone’s data, making it useless, meaningless, or ineffective. Depending on the value of the damaged property, one can face serious consequences if convicted of a mischief charge. For example, an indicatable mischief charge, i.e., the damage of property worth $5000 or more, has a penalty of up to 10 years in jail.

Kahlon Law has successfully defended many clients facing mischief charges, and we can help you fight your allegations. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers will utilize their experience to get you the most favourable outcome.

Kitchener Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Kahlon Law was established to provide high-quality criminal defence services for the residents of Kitchener. Our firm has managed to attain this through teamwork, legal excellence, commitment, experience, superior client services, and cost-efficient solutions. Our proven track record of successfully representing clients facing criminal charges has gained us a Kitchener-wide reputation as exceptional criminal defence lawyers.

Read our google reviews to see what some of the clients we represented had to say about our services. You can also check our case history for more reference on our criminal defence expertise.

The Kitchener Criminal Defence Lawyer

Antar Kahlon, a reputable criminal defence lawyer in Ontario, is the founder of Kahlon Law. He studied at the University of Guelph and graduated with an honours degree in criminal justice. He then completed his Jurist Doctor at Windsor University. Antar gained lots of experience in criminal law during his studies by volunteering at legal aid clinic in Windsor. After completing his studies, he joined a reputable firm in Toronto, where he articled and later became an associate.

His in-depth understanding of criminal law, commitment to clients, and extensive experience make him an excellent criminal defence lawyer and leader. He’s vigorous in court and strives to get the best possible results for his clients.

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Facing criminal charges can be quite frightening as they carry significant negative consequences. Therefore, it’s advisable to retain the services of a highly experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights and defend you against the charges you’re facing.

Fight the criminal charges against you! Contact Kahlon Law for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced criminal defence lawyers in Kitchener.


Why do I need a criminal defence lawyer?

Whether you’re under investigation or charged with a criminal offence, it’s essential to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side. This is because a skilled criminal lawyer understands the justice system, and they can help you navigate it, averting severe mistakes. A criminal defence lawyer can fight the charges you’re facing, getting them dropped or reduced to lesser charges with fewer consequences.

What should I do if I get arrested?

If you find yourself arrested and charged with a criminal offence, keep in mind that you have rights and immediately contact your attorney. Some of the rights that you have after getting arrested include:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to free legal advice
  • The right to know why you have been arrested

What happens during the initial consultation?

Kahlon Law provides a free, no-obligation consultation to all its clients. After contacting our firm, an initial meeting with an experienced  criminal defence lawyer is set up. This meeting is critical to the rest of your case as we collect all the basic information about you and the allegations you’re facing.

Here’s a quick view of what to expect during an initial meeting:

  • We gather personal information about you, including occupation, citizenship status, and more.
  • You give us a thorough account and provide all relevant documents which may assist in your defence.
  • We review the documents issued to you by the police or court and explain their significance to your case.
  • We layout possible defence strategies to combat the allegations you’re facing.

Contact Kahlon Law to schedule your free initial consultation.


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