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Kahlon Law has been providing excellent criminal defence services for a number of years. Throughout those years, we have successfully defended a ton of clients, getting their charges significantly reduced or completely withdrawn. With our experience, commitment, and criminal law expertise, we can protect you against any criminal charge. Kahlon Law will develop a strong defence and strive to achieve the best possible outcome.


To successfully defend our clients against criminal charges, we analyze the full details of your case, including the evidence and witnesses. This allows Kahlon Law to develop strong and effective defence strategies tailored to the unique details of each case. Kahlon Law will protect your rights, character, and liberties and strive to deliver the best possible results.

Customer-Oriented Services

At Kahlon Law, we understand why it’s important to avoid a conviction on criminal charges. Therefore, we dedicate our services to protect our clients’ rights and liberties and fight to get the best possible outcome. Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting our clients. To make the process easier for you, we offer a free consultation and a flexible payment plan. With Kahlon Law, your needs and interests always come first.

All-Inclusive Criminal Defence Services

Kahlon Law is a one-stop firm for all your criminal defence services. Our team handles any criminal case, representing and guiding clients through the entire process, i.e., from bail hearing to trial. Some of the criminal cases we handle include robbery, driving offences, drug crimes, human trafficking, theft, fraud, mischief, and sexual assault. Therefore, whichever criminal offence you’ve been charged with, Kahlon Law can protect you.

Practice Areas

Bail Hearings 1

After being charged with an offence, a bail hearing is one of the first and most essential steps of a criminal case. It’s a determination of whether you’ll be released pending trial or you’ll remain in custody. Keeping in mind that some trial can take months or even years to be scheduled, it’s essential to enlist an experienced lawyer to help you secure a “judicial interim release” with favourable conditions. A successful bail hearing earns you your liberty and makes it easier to coordinate with your lawyers.

Kahlon Law has conducted many bail hearings. We understand that ‘liberty lost can never be regained,’ which is why we take our time to thoroughly prepare you and your surety, ensuring the best outcome of your bail hearing. Contact our Hamilton criminal defence lawyers to discuss your case.

Domestic Abuse 768

Domestic violence is any assault that occurs within a domestic relationship, such as between a wife and husband or boyfriend and girlfriend. Although domestic violence is not a separate charge in the Canadian Criminal Code, the criminal justice system handles it differently from other assault cases. If you’re convicted of domestic violence, you’ll be facing drastic penalties, as it’s an assault-related charge. Therefore, it’s essential to get experienced representation from a criminal defence lawyer to protect your rights and fight against the charges.

Kahlon Law is well-versed in domestic violence cases and has successfully represented numerous clients facing such allegations over the years. If you’re charged with domestic violence or related offences, contact our lawyers for expert legal advice.

Youth Offences

Youths have a whole life ahead of them, and a criminal charge can hinder all their opportunities. This is why the criminal justice system treats them differently from adults. When a youth (a person below the age of 18) is charged with a criminal offence, in most situations, their case is prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). Although the YCJA provides more protection and limits prosecution, youths can still face devastating consequences if found guilty of committing a crime. If you or your loved one are charged with a youth offence, retaining an experienced criminal defence lawyer is crucial, as they’ll fight the charges to get a favourable outcome.

Our attorneys have successfully defended many youths facing criminal charges, giving us the expertise to protect you against any youth offence. Call Kahlon Law for a free consultation on your case.

Driving Offences Dui

Driving offences include dangerous driving, over 80, impaired driving, refusing a breathalyzer, and driving while suspended or prohibited. A driving offence charge carries hefty consequences, including driving suspension, fines, possible jail time, increased insurance, and mandatory minimum penalties. With such severe consequences after a conviction, it’s vital to retain an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you against such charges.

Handling a driving-related charge requires vast experience and expertise as this area of criminal law is quite complicated. Kahlon Law Firm has successfully represented many clients charged with driving offences through meticulous defence strategies. If you or someone you know are facing driving or related charges, contact our Hamilton criminal defence lawyers. They’ll fight to get you the best possible results.

Drug Crimes

The importation, trafficking, possession, and production of controlled drugs and substances can result in serious criminal charges. In Canada, drug charges are among the most severe allegations one can face. They carry drastic repercussions, including mandatory minimum sentences, criminal records, travel and employment restrictions, and more. With an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side, you’ll have the chance to obtain the best possible results in your drug charge.

Kahlon Law criminal defence lawyers have litigated even the most complex drug charges, giving them the experience and skills required to defend you against any drug-related charge. Get in touch with our team to discuss your case and possible defence strategies.

Assault Threats

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, an assault is the intentional application of force on another person without their consent. Assault can be categorized into assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily, and more, depending on the severity of the act. Threats can also constitute an assault if the actions, deeds, or words indicate an impending application of force on another individual. Assault and threat charges may have severe consequences, including jail sentences, if found guilty.

Kahlon Law has successfully represented many clients charged with assault-related offences. With our experience and skills, Kahlon Law will work towards a favourable outcome in your assault charge. Contact our criminal defence lawyers in Hamilton for exceptional representation.

Gun Crimes

Gun-related offences are among the most serious charges prosecuted in Canada. Some of them include trafficking and importation of firearms, possession of unregistered weapons, and carrying a concealed weapon. Whether you’re facing a standalone gun charge or a charge connected to another crime such as robbery, the potential consequences upon conviction are severe and long term. They can include incarceration and mandatory minimum penalties. Therefore, whichever gun-related charge you’re facing, it’s essential to retain an experienced lawyer to help you avert drastic consequences.

Kahlon Law has successfully helped clients facing firearm charges in Hamilton through meticulous defence strategies. If you or someone you know are facing gun charges, contact our criminal defence lawyers. The firm will strive to get the charges withdrawn or significantly reduced.

Theft Fraud

Theft and fraud charges can be brought against you if you acquire another person’s property through fraudulent means. The offences are categorized into two, depending on the value of the stolen property, i.e., offences over $5,000 and offences below $5,000. The consequences of a conviction on theft or fraud charges are serious, and they’re imposed depending on the offence, level of sophistication, and property value. Some of the consequences you may face include a permanent criminal record, fines, and a possible jail sentence.

To mitigate the charges laid against you, you should enlist an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Hamilton. Kahlon law is well-acquainted with the laws surrounding property offences, including theft and fraud. If you’re facing such or related charges, contact us, and we’ll devise a plan that gets you the best possible results.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking charges are some of the most devastating charges that can be brought against you. This can happen if you recruit, transport, harbour, receive, transfer, or hold another person. Such allegations can also be brought against you if you control or influence someone’s movement for exploitation purposes, such as forced labour. If you benefit from indirectly facilitating human trafficking, you can also face charges. A human trafficking conviction has drastic penalties, including mandatory minimum incarcerations.

Kahlon Law has experienced human trafficking lawyers in Hamilton, who have successfully defended clients accused of such offences over the years. If you or someone you love are facing such allegations, Kahlon Law will protect your rights and fight to get you the most favourable outcome.

Sexual Assault

A person commits sexual assault when, without consent from the other person, they perpetrate acts such as kissing, fondling of private parts, or forced intercourse. In other terms, sexual assault involves the violation of the sexual integrity of another person. Such charges are grave as convictions carry devastating repercussions, including lengthy jail sentences and addition to the Sexual Offender Registry Act. Even without a conviction, the allegations can damage your social standing.

At Kahlon Law, we have litigated in many sexual assault cases, and we understand the complexity and sensitivity involved. If you’re under investigation or have been arrested for a sexual assault allegation, contact our criminal defence lawyers in Hamilton. Kahlon Law has the experience and resources to defend you against any charges.


Robbery entails the use of force, violence, or threats to use violence to acquire, or try to acquire, property. It covers many situations, such as street muggings and armed bank robbery. Since it’s a violent offence, the Crown will fights to keep you in custody, without bail, awaiting your trial. The potential penalties upon a conviction of a robbery charge are dire, including mandatory minimum jail sentences.

With such severe consequences upon conviction of a robbery offence, it’s advisable to enlist the services of an experienced defence attorney to protect your rights and liberties. Kahlon Law has years of experience successfully defending clients against robbery and related charges. Contact us for a free consultation on your case.


One commits mischief if they willfully destroy or damage property, render it useless, ineffective, dangerous, or inoperable, or interfere with its lawful use. This also applies to personal data. Due to the large variety of mischief acts, such as vandalism and destruction of private and public property, penalties come in a wide range. For example, the willful destruction of property valued at more than $5000 can lead to incarceration for up to 10 years. If you’re charged with mischief, an experienced criminal lawyer can help you navigate the allegations and attain the best possible results.

Kahlon law has successfully handled many mischief charges through creative defence strategies. If you are arrested with respect to a mischief offence, contact Kahlon Law. The firm will review your case and devise a strong defence strategy.

Hamilton Best Reviewed Criminal Defence Lawyer

Kahlon Law is a reputable criminal law firms in Hamilton.  They have achieved this through teamwork, preparations, commitment to our clients, creative and effective defence strategies, and successfully defending clients in court.

Our success is evidenced by the google reviews written by clients we have represented over the years. Please read them, and feel free to write one based on your experience working with our criminal lawyers.

The Hamilton Criminal Defence Lawyer

Antar Kahlon is a renowned criminal defence lawyer in Hamilton. He studied at the University of Guelph, where he graduated with an honours degree in criminal justice, and later completed his Jurist Doctor at Windsor University. Antar gained extensive experience in criminal law by working for the Windsor Community Legal Aid and as a judicial clerk when he was studying. After graduating, he articled with a prominent criminal defence firm, where he later became an associate.

Antar provides exceptional criminal defence services to his clients. He protects their rights and liberties, helps them navigate the judicial system, and vigorously represents them in court to attain favourable results.

As the founder of Kahlon Law, his skills, experience in criminal law, commitment to clients, and success, lay a strong foundation for the firm.

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If you’re facing criminal charges in Hamilton, seek legal advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Contact Kahlon Law to get your free, no-obligation consultation. The firm will assess your case and determine the best way to help you.


Can I get rid of a criminal record?

After getting convicted, one of the consequences that can befall you is a criminal record. This usually affects your ability to get employment or residency. Getting rid of a criminal record requires a waiting period as one can apply to get it set aside by the Parole Board through record suspension. This is only possible 5 years after a summary offence conviction and 10 years after an indictable offence conviction.

Note that in some cases, one cannot apply for a record suspension. For example, if you were convicted for sexually assaulting a child, you’re not eligible for a record suspension.

The Parole Board can revoke your record suspension if you’re convicted of another crime or found to have lied during your application process.

The police have contacted me. Should I speak to them?

If the police contact you, remember that you have the right to remain silent as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Even if the police say that they only want your help in an investigation, or to hear your side of the story, know that anything you say can be used as evidence against you. Therefore, if the police want to talk to you, contact a criminal defence lawyer for legal advice.

What kind of cases does Kahlon Law handle?

Kahlon Law focuses in criminal defence. This means that the firm only handle cases involving criminal offences, such as robbery, fraud, sexual assault, driving violations, drug crimes, weapon offences, and more. If you’re facing any of these or other related criminal offences, Kahlon Law can protect you. Our years of experience in criminal law give us the skills required to defend you against any criminal charge. Kahlon law works to attain the best possible results in every criminal case.


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