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Our Fees

For an initial assessment of your case and the potential costs associated, please click here to schedule a free one-hour consultation.

Kahlon Law generally works on a block fee basis rather than on an hourly rate.

A block fee is an amount charged, regardless of the time spent on the matter. Clients typically prefer the block fee arrangement rather than being quoted hourly rates with unpredictable times lines.

At Kahlon Law, you have the option of paying your fees through any one of the following options:

  • Payment by cheque or money order
  • Post-dated cheques as per an affordable monthly payment plan
  • Payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Interact
  • Cash payments are also accepted and receipts will be provided

Payment Plans

Kahlon Law Professional Corporation strives on providing cost-efficient legal solutions. Recognizing that criminal charges are largely an unplanned expense, Kahlon Law offers clients the option of an affordable monthly payment plan. The firm is committed on providing you with the best representation in an affordable and stress-free manner.

Legal Aid

If you cannot afford a lawyer, and if the Government grants you a Legal Aid Certificate, Kahlon Law is prepared to assist you.

For more information about Legal Aid Ontario, and to confirm whether or not you might qualify, please visit their website.


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