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criminal defence lawyer Mississauga
Every criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. At Kahlon Law, you can feel confident that you will be released on bail when accused of a crime and can put a positive spin on your arrest. The Kahlon Law team will fight for you to prove your innocence. If you are arrested, do not sign any documents on the spot, and instead, immediately contact the Kahlon Law team. criminal defence lawyer Mississauga

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(416) 221-7777

Finding the right DUI lawyers in Toronto can be difficult and costly. Make a call to Tickets at 416-221-7777 to hire the winning team to fight for your rights. Impaired driving can come with serious consequences which may be mitigated by hiring the right lawyer. Request a free quote by filling out the contact form online or call Tickets for more information.

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Learn about the lemon law for new car owners online at Allen Stewart Law and find out if you’re eligible for compensation under the law. If you bought a lemon and the manufacturer or dealership will not attempt reasonable repairs or has had your vehicle for too long, you may be able to file for compensation under the lemon law.

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